A Hop in the hay

A Hop in the hay
Sara Xavier

Sara Xavier studied Veterinary Medicine at Oporto University, and graduated in 2012. She has work experience in Portugal, the U.K. and Australia and briefly worked at Anima. In 2013 she joined Green Cross Veterinary Clinic, first as an assistant, and now as a veterinarian. She currently has a rabbit called Mushi, but grew up with birds, fish and a turtle.

Dear Dr. Dolittle
I just bought a bunny and I was searching the Internet about what to feed him and I got a little confused by the mixed reviews about giving them hay. Should I or shouldn’t I give my rabbit hay?
-to hay, or not to hay?- Hac Sac Beach

Dear To Hay, or Not to Hay
Hay is in fact a very important part of a rabbit’s diet. All rodents’ teeth have continuous growth, which means that if they don’t wear them off somehow, they will keep growing and might start hurting the gums and/or the tongue. Because of its fibrous properties, eating hay will make them chew for long periods of time, which will make them wear their teeth down. You should have regular check-up’s with your vet so he can have a look at the length of your rabbit’s teeth, but if your rabbit starts eating less make sure to go immediately, as it might be a dental problem.