Creamy the Cupid Cat

Creamy the Cupid Cat

There are many ways to win over the object of your affection. For one particular young man that meant six months of chasing the woman of his dreams, which involved jumping off a tower and making his beloved pet cat work overtime…

What do you get when you put a happy, young newlywed couple and two big cats, who can’t stand each other, together in an apartment? A story of courage and care, as told by Anakin Chan, his wife April Ku, and their two cats Creamy and Orbu.

Things haven’t always been this way though. Things started relatively peacefully for the technology senior sales manager and his cat Creamy, when it was just the two of them alone- the boys, living in harmony in their current apartment.

That was three years ago, when Anakin adopted Creamy, then two years of age, from a friend who could no longer care for him. Anakin felt lonely and wanted company and Creamy fit the role perfectly. “It was very nice”, he recalls, his eyes closing in blissful recollection. “Already by day two he wanted to sleep with me, in my arms”, he says of his beloved cat, who “was great company, never yowling or scratching furniture”.

Along came the girls

Then the girls came along. When Anankin met April, a Nu Skin product consultant, he immediately knew that she was The One, and spent half a year “chasing her”. Facing some tough competition for her attention, Anakin drew up a cunning plan to win her over. And the plan involved a certain feline. “Creamy was my partner” he confesses, knowing very well that April loved cats. When they first met they chatted a lot over the phone and exchanged messages, and many of those messages featured photos of you-know-who… Creamy was used as bait from the very start.
But the plan was more elaborate than just sending photos of his super cute cat, April needed to be reeled in further and one way of doing that was to get her into his apartment to spend time with Creamy on her own. That was made possible when a seven day holiday to Thailand arose and the keys to his place, along with the responsibility of looking after, the feeding and the happiness of Creamy, was handed over to April.

And it worked a treat. So much so, that he took things a step further by leaving his cat at April’s house for a month. The first day Creamy spent at April’s house was not the smoothest of starts. He hid- the whole day. April felt deeply unliked, until a couple of hours later that is, when Creamy came out and ate some food, played with her and ended up sleeping in her bed that night, much to her delight. When April excitedly called Anakin to share the good news it was met with a mixed reaction, “I felt sad, I thought I was the only one. I thought I was special”, Anakin recounts, laughing.
Overcoming his sense of betrayal at Creamy’s fondness for April, Anakin wanted her to further fall under his spell and asked her to help out back at his place when he was working long hours and needed someone to come in during the day to play with Creamy. Reluctant at first, April eventually gave in and agreed. Anakin seized the opportunity to step up his romantic efforts by leaving little gifts lying around the house, never really specifying if they came from him or from Creamy… then Christmas came and brought a special gift for April, a new camera, full of photos of Creamy, of course.

Just married

All Creamy’s work paid off and in January this year the couple tied the knot. And decided to add another cat to the new family.

Orbu came courtesy of yet another friend who could no longer care for her and unlike Creamy, Orbu is very dominating in every possible way, from the way she eats to the way she plays. Oh and, Creamy and Orbu hate each other. Orbu is the queen, and Creamy is her slave, according to Anakin, Orbu always starts the fights and Creamy the “good boy”, is afraid of her. Creamy grew up in Hong Kong and was raised alongside a Golden Retriever, as a result he believes he too is a dog. Docile, eager to please, he just a big old softie and really just wants to spend his days sleeping.

Not going it alone
As a family April sees the cats as the kids, whereas Anakin sees them as his buddies. When asked if she would like more cats, April says she wants as many as they can get!

However, for April the road to a being responsible for two cats was not as easy as it sounds. Losing her much loved guinea pig a number of years ago left deep scars that never diminished her love for animals, but did make her reluctant to take the responsibility of caring for one again. She was very close to her super smart pet, who could not only recognize the different members of her family, but also obeyed orders when going out to play in the park. When he passed away of old age the sadness left a deep mark in April.
So why is the experience with Creamy and Orbu different? “Because this time I am not the only one to face this, I have someone to share it with and now I have changed my mind and I want many cats!”, April says with great enthusiasm.

The big jump

The day that Anakin and April met would change their lives in ways, beyond the obvious. “I never had a reason to jump” Anakin says, looking back at the lead up to the heart-stopping bungee jump he made off Macau Tower.
That was, until April made a dare. During the ten year anniversary of Macau Tower there was a special promotional offer and this is where a taunt from April set a chain of action in motion that brought about Anakin’s jump.

Having accepted her dare, he dedicated his jump to her. This left April not only moved, but also inspired. Signing up for a life-coaching course led to her decision to “to something that I would never have thought I could do”, and to her own bungee jump.

April had made a promise to herself which gave her the courage to follow through on one of the scariest dares she could have set herself, being someone who has a fear of heights. She made the personal promise to, as a couple, commit to confronting all the difficult and scary things in life- together. And then she jumped off Macau Tower.

For a newlywed couple who have made so many bold decisions, in personal capacities as well as a couple, how do they feel about their lives at this point in time? “We can make our dreams come true together in the future, for us this is just the start”, April states confidently. Looking how far they have come in such a short period of time, we are expecting big things.