Dragon Li Hua – Wild Cat gone Tame

Dragon Li Hua – Wild Cat gone Tame

Directly descended from the wild Chinese mountain cat, Dragon Li Hua naturally evolved and shifted into domestication. Favourably mentioned in Chinese records dating as far back as the Shang Dynasty, these cats were revered for their formidable rat-catching skills.

The unofficial cat of China, the Dragon Li Hua is thought to be one of the earliest known domestic cats. Based on their mention in old books, they have probably existed throughout China for centuries, but it is only recently that they have been developed as a breed. This is a natural breed, meaning it was not developed through crosses of other breeds.

Very rare and difficult to find outside China, Dragon Li Hua has a unique golden brown, broken mackerel (also known as broken striped) tabby pattern, distinctive ear tipping, large round almond shaped luminescent yellow/green eyes, and a strong full bodied stature reminiscent of its wild nature. The Dragon Li Hua is valued for its unmistakable intelligence, an uncanny perception in relation to its surroundings, and its ability to interact easily with humans.
Smart, playful and very active, these cats are gentle with people and make very good companions, however they are not very affectionate or vocal. Independent and undemanding, they get along well with other pets, such as cat-friendly dogs.

Supervise young children and show them how to pet the cat nicely. Instead of holding or carrying the cat, have them sit on the floor and pet him or her. Always introduce any pets, even other cats, slowly and in a controlled setting.

These cats have a reputation as talented hunters of rats and other vermin; however, their retrieval skills extend beyond rodents. Zhao Shangzai (1908-1942), a famous character in Chinese history, once trained his Li Hua to fetch the papers. They can learn tricks, enjoy interactive toys, and love the attention they receive from gentle children who treat them politely and with respect.

These naturally healthy cats do not have an undercoat, which makes them very sensitive to cold weather. A light comb or brush once a week is enough to keep their fur in good condition.

The Dragon Li Hua cat appears to be perpetually smiling- and you too will wear a constant smile when you receive the reverence of this rare cat.