One Big Happy Family

One Big Happy Family

We all know the power of the love we have for our pets, and how we will go to any lengths to ensure they are happy and well looked after. For one woman that love has seen her devote all her days and time to the wellbeing of her many dogs.

It started with a Schnauzer
We all have busy lives – work, chores, spending time with family and friends… oh, and feeding the cat and taking the dog out.
That all seems manageable, but can you imagine a life with not just one or two, but 29 rescued dogs?

petlover2For Janny, it’s about getting up at 5.30 am every other day to feed her nine dogs at home, and perhaps take them out for a walk if there is enough time. Then at 7.30 am she heads to an industrial building to feed her other 20 dogs and clean their space before she goes to work at 8.30 am.

After a day in the office Janny then heads straight back to play with her 20 dogs at about 6 pm, when she does more cleaning and feeding, before she goes home to see her nine dogs, and eventually goes to bed at 10 pm.
It’s hard to imagine how she does it, and it’s even harder to imagine how she became to be such a dog lover, given that it never crossed her mind that she would ever want one as a pet.

Not until 2005, that is. It all started with Bobbie, a Schnauzer, the first dog Janny saved.
Janny’s friend was leaving Macau for good and the government’s dog kennel was the only option for Bobbie if nobody could give him a home. “I heard too many stories about dogs there that have to be put down if they don’t find an owner. I just couldn’t bear the thought of it.”

Strong bonds
Having built a strong bond with Bobbie, it was simply too hard for Janny to turn a blind eye to a Chihuahua she found left lying by the side of the road.

Soon the number of rescued dogs reached ten, and so in 2007 Janny and two of her friends decided to set up a ‘home’ for the dogs, with feeding and vet fees all paid out of their own pockets.

The ‘dog house’ was unfortunately destroyed when a typhoon swept across the city a year later. Letting the dogs go homeless again was not an option, so one of Janny’s friends offered them a vacant factory unit in an industrial building, which they could use as a home for their dogs.

Today a total of twenty dogs live there. The happy household includes, for example, two huskies – Poster and Monster – that Janny found on the street when they were puppies, a Golden Retriever called Oscar, who suffers from eye cancer and has a weak immune system requiring daily medication, and a Schnauzer called Sai b (細b, or Small b) who has a tumour in his chest – yet, despite their various health conditions, they all seem to live there happily.

A Mongrel called Hac Mui (黑妹, or Black Girl) even managed to heal her broken spine by herself after the vet refused to operate on her because it was too risky. “She has a strong will to live.” Perhaps it’s the love and care that Hac Mui felt from her human friends that gave her the strength to recover.