Piggy Diets

Piggy Diets
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Sara Xavier studied Veterinary Medicine at Oporto University, and graduated in 2012. She has work experience in Portugal, the U.K. and Australia and briefly worked at Anima. In 2013 she joined Green Cross Veterinary Clinic, first as an assistant, and now as a veterinarian. She currently has a rabbit called Mushi, but grew up with birds, fish and a turtle.

Dear Dr. Dolittle
My guinea pig is six months old and I would like to expand her diet. What else can I give her besides pellets?
Pigging out- Cotai

Dear Pigging Out
You should definitely give her some hay, to help with the growth of her teeth and something high in vitamin C, like kiwi, strawberries or pineapple. They usually also like parsley, coriander and capsicum a lot. You can try most vegetables, but try to avoid the ones that are mostly composed of water (like lettuce).